FIT services

If you do not wish to join strangers in a bus, you many opt for a private tour. We can help you plan and design an itinerary that will fit the requirements and interests of your group members only, thereby maximizing the enjoyment of your private tour. Just let us know what interests your group members, what is to be avoided, any food restrictions, religious obligations and if provision is to be made for persons with disabilities, and we will make effort to ensure your travel is not only hassle free, but full of care.

A Hyundai Starex can seat 7 tourists maximum with provision for luggages. A 25 seater mini bus can carry 15 tourists comfortably after providing space for luggages. A 45 seater bus can take up to 43 tourists, with luggages in undercarriage compartment. So gather the optimum number for each type of vehicle and you can share cost optimally.