About Founder

Our founder, Mr Charli KIM, has been in the travel industry since 1989. He started as a tour guide in Buffalo US, covering initially Niagara Falls, then to other parts of US, as well as China and Korea.

At the end of September 2005, Mr Charli embarked on a solo expedition to traverse from one end of The Great Wall of China in Gansu province, to Zhenhuangtao in Hebei province. The sojourn took him 135 days. He has been recognized by Korean Guiness Book of Record in 2006 as the first man to complete such task on The Great Wall of China. Following that, in Jan 2009, the National Records of Korea also recognized his feat by awarding him the title “First Leadership in Travel category”.

Mr Charli KIM, is pleased to share his travel experience, adventure stories and travel insights with you. A Korean write up of his his solo journey on one of the 7 wonders of the world, appeared in www.breaknews.com.